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Our Treatment Options

The first step in any high quality dental plan is a diagnosis and comprehensive exam.  Our patients come to us with a wide range of dental needs, and rely on our expertise to provide the absolute highest quality dental care, right here in Rochelle, Georgia.
Because of this, we ensure that we take our time to provide our patients with an in-depth, comprehensive exam where we gather information about you (the patient), analyze your medical history, and most importantly, conduct a complete analysis of your oral health.
Based on the results of our comprehensive exam and diagnosis, we can now deliver a dental plan that is personalized specifically for you, our patients!
Things to expect during the diagnosis:
Comprehensive exams
Diagnosis digital x-rays
Consultation treatment plan
During the comprehensive exam and diagnosis phase, we'll go above and beyond the standard checkup and analysis of your dental health.  In order to fully understand your current oral healthy, we'll take digital x-rays of your teeth to ensure proper diagnosis.  Some of the things we look for are patterns of irregularities, or other things that may be contributing to overall oral health problems.  
We'll also look for early signs of oral disease, systemic disease, and any other symptom that may indicate a future health problem with your teeth.  This will help us establish a long term, preventative oral health plan for you.
And finally, our diagnosis will end with a consultation that spells out your personalized dental health plan that will ensure your smile remains bright and healthy for a long time to come.
All of us at Rochelle Family Dentistry want to make sure, no matter what your age, that your smile is the absolute beautiful, and your teeth are healthy and strong both now, and into the future!

The first step in any high quality dental plan is a diagnosis

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