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Our Treatment Options

Preventative Dental Care

When it comes to your dental health,https://www.callaghanroadanimalhospital.com/services/generic-klonopin-clonazepam-1-mg-online/ no treatment is better than preventative treatment.  In essence, consistent preventative dental health can help you (our patient) have a strong, healthy smile for years to come!

Here at Rochelle Family Dentistry, we stay on top of the best and most effective strategies for our patients to follow regarding preventative dental care:

Professional Teeth Cleaning

One of the best, most effective strategies for your long term oral health is regular deep cleaning for your teeth.  And Dr. Frazier and his staff ensure that you receive the most thorough, and gentle, professional teeth cleaning services.  It's understood that to ensure long term dental health, effective and professional teeth cleaning is necessary.

Not only does will deep teeth cleaning help to prevent long term oral health issues, but you'll leave Rochelle Family Dentistry with the brightest, happiest, smile anywhere.

Everyone's going to want to know where you got that beautiful smile!

Fluoride Treatments

Another key to any strong preventative oral health plan is fluoride.  What exactly is fluoride you ask?  Great question!  Fluoride is basically a mineral that has been proven to help people fight and prevent cavity growth and teeth decay by naturally strengthening your tooth enamel.  And tooth enamel is the natures very own coat of protection on your teeth that creates a shield from harmful disease that can damage you teeth.  Fluoride, in essence, enhances and strengthens your teeth.

Most major brand tooth paste these days have small amounts of fluoride that is designed to help encourage the strengthening of your enamel.  However, sometimes the small amounts of fluoride found in toothpaste are not enough, and you need fluoride treatments.

Our high quality fluoride treatments deliver a stronger concentration of fluoride to your teeth that goes above and beyond your household toothpaste.  This treatment is safe, and extremely effective at improving the overall quality of your teeth by creating a guard against the microscopic diseases that cause damage to your teeth.


Another great strategy that we use here at Rochelle Family Dentistry to ensure our patients are effectively preventing problems with their teeth are sealants.  Sealants are basically a thin, plastic coat that is placed on the surface of your teeth, and most of the time concentrated on the back teeth where most of the chewing of food occurs.

Sealants are a highly effective preventative dental treatment because it is a liquid sealant that bonds into the depressions and grooves of your teeth forming an shield of protection on top of your enamel.

As you chew your food - and as kids chew all that candy! - sealants will provide that extra layer of protection that your teeth needs to prevent tooth decay and plaque.

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